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Chekhov monument inaugurated in Khartsyzsk

January 30, 2012: In December 2010, Valery Dubovoy, mayor of Khartsyzsk initiated the construction of a monument in honor of Anton Chekhov in the Ukrainian city.

An open public contest for the best project of the monument was held in Khartsyzsk from Dec.15, 2010 to March 15, 2011. Six sculptors from Donetsk and Lviv submitted 9 different projects for consideration. Among the main criteria were originality, architectural & artistic expression, and the relation of the playwright to the history of the city.

Chekhov monument in Khartsyzsk, Ukraine the day of its inauguration

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov visited the city of Taganrog in spring 1887 and wrote of his impressions regarding the trip from Moscow to his home city of Taganrog in his letter to sister Maria Chekhova (letter of April 7, 1887): "The Khartsyzsk Station. Twelve noon. The weather is wonderful. It smells of steppe and one can hear the birds singing.. "

The contest was won by the member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists Alexander Shamarin and architect Nikolay Poddubniy.

Inauguration of the Chekhov monument in Khartsyzsk, Ukraine
The inauguration of the Chekhov monument was held in Khartsyzsk on January 29, 2012 the day of the 152nd anniversary of the world-known playwright. Taganrog delegation headed by vice-mayor Igor Dergilyov participated in the celebrations held in the partner city.

Today there are 19 Chekhov monuments around the world, 12 of them are in Russian cities, including two monuments in Taganrog, seven monuments abroad: in Badenweiler, Germany, in Japan, Cyprus, France, Sri Lanka and two monuments in the Ukraine: one in Yalta and now one in Khartsyzsk.