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Delegation from Lüdenscheid, Germany visiting Taganrog

September 11-14, 2018: official municipal delegation from the city of Lüdenscheid headed by Bürgermeister Dieter Dzewas visited the city of Taganrog within the framework of 320th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Taganrog. German city's aldermen Oliver Fröhling and Michael Bernd Thielicke, as well as translator Sabine Bodenheimer-Bode were also among the guests.

The sistercity agreement was signed in 1991 and in these 20 years the cities tried to develop cooperation in various areas including exchanges in sports, youth groups, college-to-college exchanges, citizens groups and trade delegations.


September 12, 2018 the German delegation was received at the Taganrog City Hall by the City Executive Ms. Inna Titarenko and City Manager Mr. Andrei Lisitskiy. "Lüdenscheid was among the first foreign cities to become Taganrog's sister city. For more than 25 years we've continued our partnership and maintained regular exchanges. Leaders of the two cities held several meetings both in Germany and in Russia. There is a list of educational, cultural and sport events held together". - in her welcome speech Inna Titarenko highlighted the importance of bilateral educational exchanges between several institutions of Taganrog and Lüdenscheid. Andrei Lisitsky pointed out that longstanding friendship ties between the two cities provide an example of a successful international cooperation in culture and education, and noted the role ethnic Germans played in history of the multinational merchant city of Taganrog, particularly governor Balthasar von Campenhausen.


"The dark page in German history was turned long ago. We want our country to be at peace and to live in peace with the rest of the world. Educational exchanges and youth meetings are certainly the best way to ensure such policy. The cooperation was so intensive and positive that it resulted in several marriages between the residents of Taganrog and Lüdenscheid. The periods when Russia and Germany had good relationships may be considered as the best in the European history. I hope that we will be able to maintain our relationship at the same high level." remarked Bürgermeister Dieter Dzewas.


"Your visit is very important to us within the context of currently challenging international relations. Both in Taganrog and in Lüdenscheid live people who all want to love, to create and to be friends...Close and good relations between ordinary people are the linchpin of peace and the course for further improvement of Russian-German ties." remarked Inna Titarenko. After the end of the meeting in the City Hall, the two sides exchanged souvenirs and the German delegation proceded to the monument dedicated to Taganrog victims of concentration camps and forced labor camps to lay down flowers and hold a minute of silence. During the tour of the city, the visitors from Lüdenscheid visited Chekhov Drama Theater, Chekhov Gymnasium and Chekhov Birth House.


Next day, September 13, the official delegation of Lüdenscheid visited Taganrog Teachers College and the Taganrog Management and Economics College to meet their administrations and students.