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Cossacks of Taganrog district visiting Torez, Donetsk Peoples' Republic.

April 25, 2017: cossacks from Taganrog, Neklinovski and Kuybyshev headed by ataman Lovslinsky visited the city of Torez, Donetsk Peoples' Republic within the framework of 130th anniversary since foundation of Taganrog Cossack District. Before the Russian Revolution of 1917 Don province incorporated larger part of Donbas are up to the town of Makeevka.


Russian delegation met with townspeople and visited an exhibition of children's crafts, while Cossack folk groups "Stanitsas" and "Kazachya Dusha" ("The Cossack Soul") from Taganrog and neighbouring towns performed in front of the local audience at Torez music and drama theater. The program consisted of popular Cossack songs and traditional Cossack sabre dances.

After the closing speech, Taganrog Cossack District's ataman Andrey Lovlinsky presented the local church rector with an icon of Saint Pavel of Taganrog, a native of Chernigov region in the present-day Ukraine, highlighting the close bonds and religious integrity of the two nations.