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Taganrog Cossacks at Mariupol City Day celebrations

September 17, 2011: a delegation of Taganrog Cossacks of Voisko Donskoe district (The Allmighty Army of Don) headed by ataman Alexander Shepelenko participated in the celebration of the City Day of Mariupol (Ukraine). Together with Ukrainian Cossacks, carrying the Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, colors and unsheathed sabers they marched solemnly through the main street of Mariupol where they were enthusiastically greeted by the people. In the procession, Ukraine was represented by the following Cossack organizations: the Ukranian Cossacks, the Lower Zaporozhian Cossacks, Don-Kuban Cossack corps, Union of the Cossack organizations of the Ukraine, and Don Cossacks of Donetsk Oblast from the areas that were historically included into the Army of Don district, like stanitsa Alexeyevskaya (city of Torez), stanitsa Novoazovskaya, stanitsa Mariupolskaya.

Among participants of the parade were Cossacks from Taganrog's another Ukrainian sister-city of Khartsyzsk, headed by ataman Boris Berkovich, and the town of Makeyevka was represented by several Cossack organizations. In the end of the parade Cossacks were thanked by the mayor of Mariupol Yuriy Khotlubey. His speech was followed by loud shouts and gunshots of an antique style cannon.