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Taganrog Municipal Choir LIK's German Tour

December 5, 2016: Taganrog Municipal Choir "Lik" toured Germany upon the invitation by "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh". November 23—December 2, 2016 Russian artists performed in the cities of Gütersloh, Bad Camberg, Koblenz, Niederselters, Dernbach, Wirges.

The German public acclaimed Lik's concerts very enthusiastically, recognizing their professional level, masterly performance and interesting repertoire. Speaking after the end of their performance in the city of Bad Camberg, local deputy bürgermeister named the Taganrog choir "ambassadors of peace and goodwill" in the current difficult political situation.


At the final concert given in Gütersloh, Mr. Franz Kiesl, Chairman of "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh" complemented Taganrog Municipal Choir "Lik"s director Mr. Alexey Loginov and the whole group with displayed artistic excellence and expressed his hope to continue cooperation and exchanges in the future.