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Anton Chekhov Memorial Events Held in Taganrog

July 15, 2021 - The home city of Anton Chekhov paid tribute to 117 years since the day the world-famous playwright and short-story writer passed away in Badenweiler, Germany.

On this day residents of Taganrog traditionally participate in the flower laying ceremony at the foot of Chekhov monument. In this sense the year 2021 was no exception and the traditional ceremony was held at 10-00 AM in Chekhov Square despite the existing epidemiological situation in the region.


Today the opening ceremony of the First International Theatre Festival "Chekhov Street" was held in Taganrog. The festival is supported by the Fund of Presidential Grants and is recognized as a remarkable event for the city and Rostov Oblast. It will continue until July 21.

The idea of "Chekhov Street" belongs to Taganrog Chekhov Drama Theater. The initiative was supported by Rostov Oblast Ministry of Culture and Taganrog City Council.

In the framework of "Chekhov Street" historic sites of Taganrog, including not only Chekhov places, but also Taganrog Museum of Art, Primorsky Park, former Taganrog Fortress Barracks and Taganrog Town-Planning Museum will become venues for open-air performances.