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Russia and Indonesia to Sign Contract on Sale of 4 Be-200 Amphibious Planes

February 20, 2016: As reported by Sputnik News, according to a source in the Russian defense ministry, Indonesia plans to buy four BE-200 amphibious planes built by Beriev Aircraft Corp. in Taganrog, Russia, adding a contract could be sealed shortly.

"They are currently finalizing talks to agree on the terms and conditions in the contract", the source told RIA Novosti.

The BE-200 is a unique Russian amphibious aircraft that is well-suited for firefighting missions. It can land on water and scoop up thousands of gallons of water into its hull and then trop its load onto a fire. The plane can be reconfigured for search-and-rescue or passenger flying.

Indonesian Air Forces' Chief of Staff Agus Supriatna announced last November that Jakarta wanted to add Russian amphibious planes to its fleet.

Press release courtesy of Sputnik News