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Beriev's Newest Early Warning and Control Aircraft Makes its First Flight

November 19, 2017: yesterday, on November 18, the new-generation early warning and control (AEW) A-100 plane developed by Beriev Aircraft Corp. (part of UAC) accomplished its first flight from the air field in Taganrog.

The machine was piloted by Beriev's crew. During the flight the A-100 demonstrated normal behaviour in all modes of operation.

The new model is based on the Ilyushin IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft built by Aviastar-SP Aviation Plant (part of UAC) in Ulyanovsk.

The new-generation AEW plane A-100 has been developed by Beriev Aircraft Corp. in cooperation with Vega Radio Engineering Corporation, specializing in military radar and surveillance and C&C systems.

Beriev A-100 is a multifunctional early warning and control aircraft with the ability to rapidly increase its radar field in the specified line of operations, to locate and track flying and other targets, as well as to participate in combat and strike aviation command during air, land and sea homing.

The new machine will be replacing Beriev's A-50 and A-50U aircraft.

Press release courtesy of UAC