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Beriev Aircraft Company at MAKS-2021 Air Show

July 26, 2021: the 15th International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2021 was traditionally held near Moscow, Russia on Zhukovskiy air field July 20-25, 2021.
Despite the constraints imposed by COVID-19, 135 thousand people attended the event. There were 831 companies from 56 countries. The total value of contracts signed at MAKS-2021 is estimated to reach 265 billion roubles.

Beriev Aircraft Corp. participated in MAKS-2021 as part of the United Aircraft Corporation. Beriev's booth represented information on current and prospective projects of the Company including amphibious aircraft Be-200, Be-103, and its modifications.

The conference under the auspices of UAC entitled "The Value of Aircraft in Combating Forest and Man-Caused Fires" was held in the framework of MAKS-2021 on July 22. Among the participants, there were Beriev's experts and representatives of states that often suffer from seasonal forest fires, such as Chile, Mexico, Iran, and Turkey.

photorep_imageid_480587_6_a4757134_d_850 The opportunities of Russian aircraft manufacturing in the field of fire-fighting (airplanes, helicopters, and drones) were reviewed at the conference.

It is important that Russian multipurpose amphibians BE-200ES had already been involved into fire-fighting in Turkish Republic. Two BE-200ES had taken preventive measures to combat forest fires in June 2020, and a BE-200ES had participated in the first fire-fighting mission in October 2019.