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Russian seaplanes to be built in Santa Maria, California

October 28, 2016: Seaplane Global Air Services Inc. has made progress in the program to support the Beriev's Be-200 seaplane on an international basis. A plan to bring new high-paying aviation industry jobs serving a large Russian-designed amphibious, firefighting aircraft to the area was outlined during a Santa Maria Public Airport District meeting Thursday (Santa Maria, California). Seaplane Global Air Services recently obtained a tentative agreement with Russian trade officials to build Be-200s - a large, amphibious, multipurpose aircraft designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company - in the United States.

James Bagnard of Seaplane Global and his partners, which include Airbus Industries and Santa Maria-based air transportation firm IES, plan to sign a memorandum of understanding with their Russian partners, which will solidify the deal, this month. "I have been working on this for three years," said Bagnard - an experienced pilot, who flew firefighting aircraft, along with military and commercial jets.

If all goes according to plan, Airbus Industries will build the Be-200s and they will be maintained at a Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) facility to be built in Santa Maria, California. "It will bring high-paying jobs here," said James Bagnard, Vice President and Board Member at Seaplane Global Air Services Inc.

The Be-200 is a large aircraft that has the ability, among others, to take off and land in water, scoop up 12 tons of water and then drop that water on a wildfire in 18 seconds. "The aircraft is about the size of a 737," Bagnard said. Beriev's Be-200 also can drop fire retardant chemicals, and deliver cargo, firefighters and other emergency equipment where they are needed. The airplane has a pressurized cabin and can be fitted with seats to carry passengers. "It is a purpose-built aircraft. There is no other airplane like this one. It fits the bill for what the U.S. needs," Bagnard said.

Once the agreement is inked, Seaplane Global Air Services plans to start building the MRO in Santa Maria, California and hire technicians and training personnel at the beginning of next year.

Please visit the following link to read the full article on Santa Maria Times web site.

Press release courtesy of Logan B. Anderson for Lee Central Coast Newspapers.