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Beriev Aircraft Company Celebrates the 80th Anniversary of its Founding

Beriev Aircraft Corp., member of the United Aircraft Corporation, celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding. The company was formed in the 1934, when Taganrog Central Design Bureau of Seaplane Manufacturing was created at the facilities of Aircraft Plant Number 31. A young engineer named Georgy M. Beriev became the Chief Designer of the Bureau.

Beriev Aircraft Corp. specialists have designed 30 types of aircraft for various purposes; 14 of them have been put into serial production. The seaplanes and amphibian aircraft produced in Taganrog such as MBR-2, KOR-2, Be-6, Be-10, Be-12, A-40 and Be-200 have always opened new important stages in the history of Russian and world aviation.

Inauguration of the BE-12 monument in Taganrog

The planes designed and manufactured in Taganrog have set 288 world records. The latest records were set by Be-200 amphibian aircraft during the Gidroaviasalon-2014 exhibition in Gelendzhik.

Beriev Aircraft Corp.'s team wasn't busy in sea aviation field only. Taganrog designers and engineers proved so many times that they are able to develop virtually any aircraft or aircraft system: from cruise missiles to passenger liners.

Concert held in Pushkin Embankment

The 80th anniversary celebration events were held in Taganrog on October 3-4, 2014. Mr. Pogosyan, the President of the United Aircraft Corporation, representatives of Rostov Oblast Government and Taganrog Local Government, as well as other special guests participated in official events. The Be-12 aircraft monument was officially inaugurated, and after that all the guests were presented a new film about the history of Design Bureau of Seaplane Manufacturing. October 4, 2014 all the residents and guests of Taganrog were able to attend a concert of the State Academic Song and Dance Company of Don Cossacks at the Pushkin Embankment in Taganrog accompanied by display flights of Be-200 and Be-103 amphibian aircraft as well as flights of Rus' aerobatic team on board the L-39 aircraft.

Display flight of the RUS group over the Gulf of Taganrog

Press release courtesy of www.beriev.com