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Summary of participation of Beriev Aircraft Company in "Paris Air Show 2013"

July 1, 2013: Paris Air Show 2013 was held at Le Bourget Airport in Paris during the period from June 17 thru June 23, 2013.

Beriev Aircraft Corp. took part in Paris Air Show 2013 within the general display of the United Aircraft Corporation.

The display presented information on Beriev's current and prospective projects, including the Be-200 multi-purpose amphibian and its modifications.

During the show, business meetings were held between Beriev specialists and representatives of several companies from Switzerland, Canada, USA, France, and Chile. Discussions as conducted in the course of meetings and negotiations were dedicated to prospects of promoting the Be-200 amphibian to markets of Europe, North America, and Latin America, including issues relating to certification of the Russian amphibian with the FAA.

The business meetings held during the show confirmed positive export prospects for the Be-200 amphibian. Potential customers for the aircraft were primarily interested in the aircraft's wild fire fighting and maritime patrolling and search-and-rescue capabilities.

The Be-200 has the most general-purpose design and aerodynamic configuration; its performance is closest to that of land-based airplanes. Furthermore, the aircraft has high potential for modernization. The certificates issued by the IAC Air Register to the Be-200 amphibian allow its operation in Russia both as a fire fighting aircraft and in the passenger (44 passenger seats) / cargo-carrying version.

Currently Beriev Aircraft Corp. is implementing contracts for construction of the Be-200 amphibians for the Russian EMERCOM and Ministry of Defense.

Press release courtesy of www.beriev.com