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Permission for experimental fire fighting flights granted by French aviation authorities

June 21, 2011, during Paris Air Show 2011 (held in Le Bourget Airport, Paris), at the booth of the United Aircraft Corporation, representatives of the French authorities handed in to Beriev Aircraft Company the permit for the Be-200ES amphibian aircraft to perform experimental and fire fighting flights in France.

This permit is an evidence of the interest of European fire fighting services in using Be-200 amphibians and another step following European certification of the aircraft in September 2010. Beriev plans call for subsequent certification of the aircraft in the USA. Presently, Beriev Aircraft Company has sent to the Federal Aviation Administration, via Interstate Aviation Committee Air Register, an inquiry for issue of US Type Certificate for the Be-200 amphibian aircraft.

Beriev Aircraft Corp. is actively promoting the Be-200 amphibian aircraft to the world markets. Talks for delivery of amphibians are currently being held with potential customers in Europe, North America, Asia and Mediterranean region.

In spring 2010, the Russian amphibian once again proved its top-notch performance in that it participated in the 16-th International Aerospace Show FIDAE-2010 in Chile in late March and then performed a display tour across some of Latin America's countries and the USA. Total distance of the route amounted to more than 56 000 km and was covered in 121 flight hours. The Be-200ES flew over 14 countries on three continents. Besides, in 2011 the Be-200ES aircraft performed demo flights in India and in Israel.

The Be-200 aircraft has a versatile structural/aerodynamics layout, and its flight/technical performance is very close to that of land-based aircraft, with a great potential for modifications. This gives vast opportunities for the development of a wide range of modifications on the basis of the Be-200 aircraft. Currently, Interstate Aviation Committee Air Register issued for the aircraft the certificates allowing for the use of the aircraft in Russia not only in fire fighting configuration, but also in passenger (44 pax) and cargo configurations.