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Summary of participation of Beriev Aircraft Company in FIDAE-2010 exhibition (Chile)

March 29, 2010: Within the period from March 23 to March 28, 2010, the 16th International Aerospace Show FIDAE-2010 was held in Santiago (Chile), Latin America. Beriev Aircraft Company took part in the exhibition as a part of the official Russian exposition organized by Russian Technologies State Corporation. Beriev booth presented information on the current and long-term projects of Beriev including Be-200 multipurpose amphibian aircraft and Be-103 multipurpose light amphibian aircraft.

Be-200ES (RF-21512) multipurpose amphibian aircraft was demonstrated in the course of the exhibition, static display and during the flight. The amphibian aircraft, flown by Beriev flight test crew, including Kuleshov N. (captain), Yevstafiev V. (co-pilot), Gerasimov Y. (navigator), crossed the Bering Strait for the first time. The aircraft was flown from Taganrog to the exhibition in the airport of capital of Chile within the scope of its demonstration tour which involved some Latin America countries and the USA. This was the first demonstration of Be-200 aircraft in the Western Hemisphere.

The flight demonstration of Be-200ES amphibian aircraft during FIDAE-2010 exhibition which included drops of water colored the same as the flag of Russia, could not leave its participants and visitors indifferent, because this kind of amphibian aircraft is new to Latin America countries. In the course of the exhibition, Beriev held negotiations and demonstrations of the aircraft to the potential customers of Latin America. Then, the aircraft resumed its tour and was flown to Venezuela.

During FIDAE-2010 exhibition, there was also a presentation on the forthcoming "Gidroaviasalon-2010" which will take place within the period from September 9 to September 12, 2010 in Gelendzhik, Russia.