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Demonstration tour of the Be-200ES multirole amphibious aircraft in Latin America and USA

March 25, 2010: On 24 March, 2010, the Russian amphibian aircraft Be-200ES which belongs to Beriev Aircraft Company flew over Bering Strait for the first time and landed on the American continent, in Anchorage, Alaska. Be-200ES amphibian aircraft is on its way to the aeroshow FIDAE-2010 currently conducted in Chili, and after that the aircraft will participate in the demonstration tour in a number of countries of Latin America and the USA. This demonstration tour will be the debut of Be-200 in the Western hemisphere.

This is the second flying Be-200 aircraft. The aircraft started flying from Taganrog in the evening on 16 March. The amphibian aircraft has crossed the whole country from the Urals to Siberia with some en-route stops in Ufa, Tomsk, Bratsk and Yakutsk, but in the extreme north-east of Russia the weather interfered with the flight schedule and caused a delay in arrival of the aircraft at FIDAE-2010. On 19 March, amphibian aircraft Be-200ES arrived in Magadan and, in a day, in Anadyr. From here the aircraft started flying on 24 March through date line to Anchorage. The amphibian aircraft, piloted by the crew headed by the test pilot of Beriev Aircraft Company Nikolay Kuleshov, has passed Bering Strait for the first time and, after refueling in Alaska, flown over Canada and the USA.

During FIDAE-2010, it is planned to demonstrate Be-200ES amphibian aircraft to potential regional customers and buyers, and after that the aircraft shall start its demonstration tour in a number of countries of Latin America and the USA.