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New Prospects for Beriev's Be200 Program in Taganrog

February 27, 2013: the new prospects open up to Beriev's Be200 program. The mass production and sales of Be200 amphibians are the top priority for Beriev Aircraft Corp..

In May 2011 the company won a government contract for production of six new Be200ES airplanes for the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in 2013-2014. These machines will be completely built in Taganrog for the very first time. Now the assembly of the first serial Be200ES (No. 303) is in full swing, and the fuselage structural parts of the second aircraft (No. 304) have been put into production.

The company submitted technical and economic parameters of the aircraft for approval by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The signing of the contract is planned for 2014.

Be-103 operated by Swan Airlines (China)

Beriev Aircraft Company is working on maritime patrol and search-and-rescue version of Be-200 aircraft in accordance with the requirements of the Indian Air Force and Navy.

The airborne equipment of Be200 aircraft is being upgraded in the cooperation with SELEX Galileo (Italy), providing the installation of Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance Systems (ATOS) and with SAAB, providing Head-Up Display System in Be200's cockpit.

Apart from this, the aircraft will be equipped with a visual-range monitoring video camera and with an IR-camera to be mounted over the windshield, the data from which will be displayed on the head-up display. A similar system has already been tested on the prototype Be-200 amphibious aircraft, and may, upon the customer's request, be installed on the aircraft being manufactured as well as on serial amphibious aircraft already in operation.

Press release courtesy of www.beriev.com