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Taganrog entered Russian Association of Towns of Classical Antiquity

February 10, 2020: eleven Russian cities endowed with a vast and ancient cultural heritage have united in the Association of Towns of Classical Antiquity (AGORA). They are: Kerch (Panticapaeum), Simferopol (Scythian Neapolis), Sevastopol (Chersonesus), Feodosia (Theodosia), Yevpatoria (Kerkinitis), Taman (Phanagoria), Anapa (Gorgippia), Novorossiysk (Bata), Gelendzhik (Torikos), Taganrog (Emporion Kremnoi) and Myasnikovsky District (Tanais).

The Declaration of Association was signed February 6, 2020 in Kerch - one of the most ancient European towns, earlier known under the name of Panticapaeum - the capital of the powerful Bosporan Kingdom and then largest trade center in the Northern Black Sea region. The document was signed on behalf of Ms. Inna Titarenko, Taganrog City Council President and Taganrog City Executive.

AGORA_association The member cities aim at developing archaeological researches, mutual tourism, implementation of joint programs and preservation of cultural heritage.

In her speech Dr. Inna Titarenko, who was elected Deputy President of the Association, expressed the hope that mutual cooperation between scientists, archaeologists and museum researchers would contribute to the further development of tourism in the region.

In the short term Russian Association of Towns of Classical Antiquity plans to establish an international association that would comprise the cities of Greece, Italy, Abkhazia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.