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Delegation from sister city Antratsyt visiting Taganrog

December 8, 2014: official delegation headed by mayor of Antratsyt (Lugansk Peoples' Republic) visited Taganrog on December 5, 2014.

Official delegation of Antratsyt

The guests from the sister city participated in a meeting at the mayor's office. Among the partakers from Antratsyt were: mayor Anatoly Andreenko, deputy mayor Vasily Zinchenko, deputy mayor Alexander Lynkov and military governor Igor Nesterov; Taganrog side was represented by mayor Vladimir Prasolov, first deputy mayor Gennady Somov, deputy mayor Marina Radomskaya, leader of the local Ukrainian National Cultural Autonomy (NCA) Yevgeny Zalyalov, foreign relations officer Alexander Mirgorodskiy.

Russian side

The two sides discussed the possibilities for providing humanitarian aid and establishment of business relations. The first batch of humanitarian aid to people of Antratsyt was sent on the same day from the Taganrog center of social welfare service.

Visiting Taganrog museum of art

During the tour of the city, the guests from Antratsyt visited the Chekhov Birth House museum, Peter the Great Monument and Taganrog Museum of Art.

The city of Antratsyt is in Lugansk Peoples' Republic. The population is currently 80 thousand people of 50 nationalities. In 1877 Anton Chekhov visited the place, which he called "The Don Switzerland". Until October 1917 the area was part of Taganrog District of Don Voisko Province.