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Argentina plans to buy three Be-200 amphibians

June 22, 2017: The Ministry of Defence of Argentina and Beriev Aircraft Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding at the Paris air show in Le Bourget, France. The document provides terms and details for the future purchase of three Be-200 amphibians by the Argentinian side, the press service of the Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has reported on Wednesday.

"In accordance with the memorandum, the parties expressed their intentions on a delivery of three Be-200 amphibious aircrafts, the establishment of a Center for technical maintenance of aircraft and the aircraft division of the Emergency Ministry of the Republic of Argentina", the statement reads.

The MOU was signed by Mr. Walter Ceballos - the secretary on logistics and coordination in emergency situations, representing Ministry of Defence of Argentina and Mr. Yuri Grudinin, Beriev Aircraft Corp.'s CEO.

The implementation of this memorandum will promote Russian aviation industry products on the markets of South America, as well as create new prospects for further development of partnership with international importers of Russian aircrafts and equipments. The delegation from Argentina accepted the invitation to participate in MAKS-2017 - an International Aviation and Space Show in Moscow, thereby continuing business relations between the parties.

The multi-purpose Be-200 is a large aircraft that has the ability, among others, to take off and land in water, scoop up 12 tons of water and then drop that water on a wildfire in 18 seconds. These amphibians are used both for suppression of the natural fires, and for expeditious transfer of airmobile groups of rescuers to the place of emergency, delivery of humanitarian aid, crash equipment and equipment, patrol and monitoring of a situation.