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Russia's National Day celebrated in Taganrog

June 9, 2023: today, representatives of Taganrog City Council, Taganrog Local Government, Rostov Oblast Legislative Assembly, NGOs and other organizations took part in a meeting dedicated to the upcoming Russia Day (June 12) and the birthday of Peter the Great. The event was held at Peter the Great Monument in Peter's Square.

At the beginning of the rally, a children's choir performed the State Anthem of the Russian Federation. Then Taganrog City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko and Taganrog City Manager Andrey Fateyev addressed the gathering.

"The history of Russia - the great history of this great country - was made our ancestors: some were such outstanding people as Peter the Great, and a billion more ordinary persons. Their lives and deeds became the building blocks for the achievements made by this country. Unfortunately, there were also those who thoughtlessly or, quite the opposite, deliberately betrayed, blemished, and humiliated Russia. And even took up arms, directing it against the homeland. Today, at the next turning point, we see many such people again. But their attempts to slander, dismember, and destroy Russia have never been successful. In the hour of danger, the nations of Russia draw together, stand up against the enemies and eventually achieve victory," Inna Titarenko said.

In his speech Taganrog City Manager Andrey Fateyev reminded that it's an old tradition in Taganrog to start the Russia's National Day festivities with commemorating Peter the Great as the founder of the city. City Manager placed emphasis on the fact that the glory of Taganrog had been brought by people of different nationalities and professions.

"Every citizen is a part of a great country, which strength and power are in unity. Cooperation is the key to achieving the well-being," Andrey Fateyev said.

In conclusion of the meeting, its participants laid flowers to Peter the Great Monument.