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Activists from Béziers, France Joined V-Day Celebrations

May 12, 2023: the city of Béziers, situated in the Occitanie region of Southern France, joined the city of Taganrog and other cities of Russia and the world in Victory Day celebrations commemorating the allied victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (World War II).

The association "Russian Language Alliance in Béziers", which unites native Russians living in Béziers and other admirers of the Russian language and culture, organized a number of local events on May 9. Among them is, for example, an official wreath-laying ceremony to Béziers's Memorial of the Fallen. Another action of prime importance was "Immortal Regiment March" when the participants walked down the streets of Béziers wearing St. George ribbons and carrying photographs of their family members who had fought in the war.

"Immortal Regiment March is intended to immortalize the deeds of those who fell for our freedom; to hand down traditions and history to the younger generation; to explain them the importance of everything that occurred over 80 years ago; to pay respect to the victims of the Nazis; and to remember the collaboration between French and Russian guerrillas within France, because the allies fought against the common enemy side by side in the most tragic period in human history", said the chair of the association Svetlana Cardenete.

Furthermore, Svetlana Cardenete thanked students of Taganrog's children's art school "White Lion" ("Bely Lev") Oksana Lopatina, Lyubov Polukhina, Pavel Dordopulo, Elza Korotkova for their drawings that were used in the association's thematic exhibition on Victory Day. Foreign Relations Office of Taganrog Local Government had acted as a mediator and was praised as well.