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Taganrog trampoline athletes triumph at Russian national championship

September 27, 2021: Russian Team Trampoline Championship and All-Russian Championship "The Hopes of Russia 3", both held in the city of Saint Petersburg, finished yesterday, on September 26. Over 300 athletes from 28 regions of Russia participated in the competitions. They competed at such disciplines as individual trampoline (Olympic), synchronized trampoline, double-mini, and tumbling.

The athletes of Taganrog's Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 3 decently represented their home city. Sofia Tatrova (junior's 15-16) took the gold in double-mini trampoline and a bronze medal in individual trampoline; Pavel Ozornin (junior's 15-16) won the gold in individual trampoline. Yaroslav Dushchenko (junior's 11-12) won the bronze medal in double-mini trampoline.