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book_festival_2024 17th International Chekhov Book Festival Held in Taganrog
May 20, 2024: the 17th International Chekhov Book Festival took place in Taganrog on May 17-19. It opened at the historic Chekhov Drama Theater. During the ceremony, Taganrog City Manager Andrey Fateyev delivered his welcome speech, wishing all the participants and visitors of the festival pleasant encounters and memorable experience.

"The program of the International Chekhov Book Festival has always responded to modern trends. Most of the events are dedicated to family, the main theme of this year. For this very reason, among the guests there are so many young writers who write for children. Children, the youth - they are our future! And we do everything so that they grow up to be true patriots of this country: kind, sympathetic, well-mannered and educated," said Andrey Fateyev.

The opening night featured the performance of musician and composer Grigory Gladkov.

The festival has been held since 2007 with the support of Rostov Oblast Ministry of Culture, Taganrog Local Government, Taganrog Arts & Culture Council, Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and other partners. In 2023, Russian Abroad Heritage Foundation began to support it as well. Over the course of its existence, the event has become noted all over Russia. The program is meant both for adults and children, people of all ages and occupations.

"Taganrog is a book city, welcoming everyone" has become the festival's motto. It shows the creative potential of both residents and guests of Taganrog and indicates the opportunities to meet famous visitors of the festival: actors and film makers, poets and writers, journalists and editors, critics and interpreters. In 2024, the festival has been attended by musician and composer Grigory Gladkov; children's authors Xenia Gorbunova, Yekaterina Zemlyanichkina and Anna Fenina; writer and translator Yevgenia Bakhurova; writers Irina Ordynskaya and Zhanna Andrievskaya; director and actress Elvira Schreiner.

This year's edition of the festival is dedicated not only to Anton Chekhov. As Andrey Fateyev said, the organizers also put emphasis on family, since 2024 was declared the Year of Family in Russia. Besides, such anniversaries as the 225th birthday of poet Alexander Pushkin, the 100th birthday of poetess Yulia Drunina, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the popular illustrated magazine Murzilka were celebrated at the festival.

The 17th International Chekhov Book Festival's program featured exhibitions, book fairs, meetings with writers and poets, book presentations, public lectures, etc. The total number of all the events exceeds 65. One of the most important activities was a lecture of translator and literary scholar, docent of the University of Debrecen József Goretity on the nuances of translation of Russian literature into Hungarian. The lecture was given at Taganrog Chekhov Teachers College.

Taganrog City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko participated in the special pictorial cancellation ceremony - a traditional event held in cooperation with Russian Post to postmark the official festival postcards.

The official opening of the festival's museum, which occupies the main building of Taganrog Chekhov Public Library, took place in the framework of this year's edition, on May 18. The visitors of the festival donated their autographed books to the library.

In 2022 the International Chekhov Book Festival had the lead in the category "The Most Significant Event of Art and Culture" at the All-Russian stage of Russian Event Awards in the nomination "The Best Event of Cultural Tourism".