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Commemorative events dedicated to Anton Chekhov's 163rd birthday held in Taganrog

January 31, 2023: the home city of Anton Chekhov paid tribute to its great countryman. Traditionally January 29 is celebrated by a program of commemorative events organized by Taganrog Arts & Culture Council and Taganrog Group of Museums.

In the morning citizens and guests of the city gathered in front of Chekhov Monument on Taganrog's Red Square: City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko, Deputy City Manager for Social Affairs Irina Golubeva, director of Taganrog Group of Museums Yelizaveta Lipovenko, Taganrog City Council's deputies, students, representatives of NGOs, and museum employees.


After this rally an event entitled "The Whole of Russia - Our Garden" was held in Anton Chekhov Literature Museum. Before the start of a musical and theatrical performance Rostov Oblast Deputy Minister of Culture Andrey Molodshev congratulated the residents of Taganrog on the writer's birth anniversary. City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko also delivered a speech.


"Today, here, in Taganrog, we remember how much Anton Chekhov did for us. He gave us his name and allowed to use it for the benefit of Taganrog. We must admit with a certain degree of bitterness that not everything has been done to make his name work in full. But we are taking firm steps to ensure that Taganrog becomes a tourist attraction, and that Chekhov's name sounds loud and confident on the territory of Taganrog", said the City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko.

A theatrical performance was held at Taganrog Chekhov Drama Theater.


An international public action entitled "World Reads Chekhov" has been held by Taganrog Foreign Relations Office and Taganrog Chekhov Public Library. It has brought together many people from 63 countries reading aloud their favourite Chekhov's works in 28 languages. It will be finalized in the coming days.