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Commemorative events dedicated to Anton Chekhov's 160th birthday held in Taganrog

January 29, 2020: the home city of Anton Chekhov paid tribute to its great countryman. Traditionally the date is celebrated by a program of commemorative events organized by Taganrog Arts & Culture Council and Taganrog State Museum Reserve.


In the early morning citizens and guests of the city gathered in front of Chekhov Monument on Taganrog's Red Square: President of Taganrog City Council (Duma) and City Executive Mrs. Inna Titarenko, Taganrog City Manager Mr. Andrey Lisitsky, deputy city manager for social affairs Mrs. Irina Golubeva, Russian actor Vladislav Vetrov, director of Taganrog State Museum Reserve Mrs. Yelizaveta Lipovenko, Taganrog City Council's aldermen, students, representatives of NGOs and national diasporas. High school and elementary school students all dressed in 19th century-style recreated the ambiance of the Chekhov-time Taganrog.


"Thanks to Chekhov the whole world knows about the city of Taganrog as the home city of a literature genius. We are proud that the future great writer was born in this city. Chekhov proved his love for Taganrog more than once, not only by words, but also deeds. Anton Pavlovich left numerous works, where Taganrog residents can still recongnize themselves. He did a lot for his home city. The spirit of Chekhov is still alive and the residents keep very much alive the memory of their great countryman", remarked Taganrog City Manager Andrey Lisitsky at the rally.


After this event the guests of honor visited all memorial sites related to the years of Anton's childhood, adolescence and youth in Taganrog, starting with "Chekhov's Birth House" memorial museum.