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Expectations are confirmed

December 2, 2007 Nikolay Fedyanin was reelected Mayor of Taganrog by a great majority of the ballots. December 14 was held the inauguration ceremony that took place in the auditorium of the Taganrog Municipal Drama Theatre. Fedyanin expressed his gratitude to those who had given him the vote of confidence and made a promise to follow the course of economic revival and stability.

Nikolay Fedyanin, born in 1956, is a member of the United Russia - the propresidential party dominating the Russian parliament. Backed by the Rostov Governor Vladimir Chub, he was first elected as Mayor of Taganrog in 2003. His primary term of office was marked by economic and social recovery as well as investment growth. Nikolay Fedyanin has a wife and two sons.

The mayor of Taganrog is elected by popular vote on the basis of direct and secret ballot with no minimum voter turnout. According to the Statute of the City of Taganrog adopted in 2006, the mayoral term of office was changed from four to five years.