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Certification of Beriev's BE-103
amphibians in China

November 24, 2005 - a delegation of the CAAC (The Civil Aviation Administration of China) and the workgroup of Aviation Register at the Intergovernmental Aviation Committee held work meetings at the headquarters of Beriev Aircraft Company regarding certification and validation of the light amphibian BE-103 in the People's Republic of China.

Joint Russian-Chinese flight crews performed several flights onboard Beriev BE-103, including landing on water. CAAC specialists estimate that the Russian amphibian will be certified in the People's Republic of China in the near future, with the first shipments of planes to Chinese consumers.

The amphibious aircraft BE-103 was developed with respect of aviation regulations AP-23, FAR-23, JAR-23 and has a Russian certificate of normal category. In 2003 the plane was certified according to regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration of the U.S.A., and in 2005 it received the airworthiness certificate in Brazil. Beriev Aircraft Corp. is in the process of negotiating new deals on its amphibians with other foreign customers.