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Taganrog athlete Yekaterina Zhigalova wins a gold medal for Team Russia at 2017 World Trampoline Championships

November 18, 2017: Yekaterina Zhigalova secured a gold medal in women's double mini-trampoline final, representing the Team Russia at the World Trampoline Championship. The young athlete from Taganrog has been known since her first international success at the 20th Trampoline World Age Competitions in Metz, France pr_11272010.html and currently works out at the Taganrog Olympic Training Center No.1


The 2017 World Trampoline Championships was held in the city of Sophia, Bulgaria on November 9-13. Team Russia ended the competition with 9 medals: 3 gold, 4 silver and two bronze medals.

Yekaterina Zhigalova began her professional sports career in the age of 6, dreaming of winning a medal at the world championship. "I had to work hard to be part of the national team and had to go through three national qualifying rounds", told the athlete.


On November 14, 2017 Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin addressed a telegram of congratulations to all Russain medal winners: "I congratulate you on the victory at the world championship in Sophia. You have demonstrated a true killer instinct, justified expectations of your coaching staff, your teammates, and all Russian fans. You have proved that the national trampoline school successfully develops and produces new champions who are able to conquer new sportive peaks. Straight so (Exclamation point) Wishing you good health and all the best - V. Putin".