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Exhibition of Italian artists "I Rosamilia + Vairetti" opens in Taganrog Museum of Art.

November 3, 2015: Brothers Enzo, Fernando and Peppe Rosamilia are graduates of the The Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli (Naples Academy of Fine Arts) - artists, art teachers and participants of several international art exhibitions.

Peppe Rosamilia is an Italian artist and professor. His series of artworks "The Creation" demonstrates an original technique of the fantastic realism.

The three artists in front of Taganrog Museum of Art.
Enzo Rosamilia is an Italian art photographer and inventor of the unique technique, which is a combination of photography and painting. Each artwork is made on a famous Amalfi handmade paper, originating from Province of Salerno, Italy and considered one of the most valued, being used in Vatican City. The masterpieces by Enzo are consequently hand painted with special emulsions. In 2015 the artist showcased in Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don his series of artworks "Chekhov Through the Mirrors", which was dedicated to Anton Chekhov's 155th birthday anniversary. August 20, 2015 the Italian artist was awarded with a Mayor of Taganrog's letter of commendation. In his new series of artworks entitled "The Temptations" Enzo Rosamilia deals with mythological figures of the art world.

Artworks by Lino Vairetti
Fernando (Nando) Rosamilia is an artist and teacher at the art school Liceo Artistico "Sabatini Menna" in Salerno, Italy. His main techniques are collage and interior design.

Lino Vairetti is a sculptor, artist and front man of the Italian psychedelic/progressive rock band OSANNA. The mythology of the old and new Naples - Palepolitania - is dedicated to Goffredo Mameli, author of the lyrics of the national anthem of Italy and is reflected in Lino's music and art.

Opening of the exhibition
November 3, 2015, the exhibition "I Rosamilia + Vairetti" was inaugurated by mayor Vladimir Prasolov in the Taganrog Museum of Art. Three of Italian artists were personally present at the event. The celebration continued in the local motorcycle club, where Lino Vairetti, the leader and founder of the rock band Osanna performed with musicians of Taganrog-based band "Bez Dna".