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Students from partner city Lüdenscheid, Germany visiting Taganrog

October 20-30, 2014: a delegation of German students visited Taganrog within the framework of an exchange program with The Taganrog State Professional School no.30.

Taganrog State Professional School no.30 has been developing partnership with the Polytechnic College of Lüdenscheid, Germany since 2011. Earlier in May-June, 2014, five students from Taganrog were engaged in practical training at local Lüdenscheid businesses, while two teachers of Taganrog State School no. 30 attended lectures and studies at the German college, and conferences dedicated to mutual exchanges in vocational education.

students visiting TKZ

During their return visit, students from Lüdenscheid went through a traineeship program at the Russian partner college, practical trainings at several Taganrog companies, a seminar on environmental protection and various training seminars. Meetings and workshops for Taganrog and German students were organized by the Krasnodar-based KNAUF's training center.

The guests from Lüdenscheid visited the production facilities of Krasny Kotelshchik, made a tour of Taganrog museums, and visited Taganrog Theater.