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Taganrog and Mariupol: Cooperation Continues

October 15, 2004: the official delegation of the city visited Mariupol. Taganrog was represented by Mr. Nikolay Fedyanin - Mayor of Taganrog, Mr. Vladimir Prasolov - Vice Mayor, Mr. Yuri Stefanov, Chairman of the City Council and Mr. Alexander Amerkhanov, President of Taganrog Interregional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In the course of the visit, Nikolay Fedyanin, Mayor of Taganrog and Yuri Khotlubey, Mayor of Mariupol signed an addendum to the already existing cooperation agreement between the cities. Taganrog and Mariupol chambers of commerce and industry also signed an agreement.

A press conference was held and afterwards Mr. Khotlubey, Mayor of Mariupol accompanied the official delegates of Taganrog on a city tour.

Mr. Fedyanin told that Mariupol's industry and economy are on the rise and the Ukranian city left a nice impression. In general, Mariupol and Taganrog are very much alike, the cities have similar social and economic figures and problems and which is most important, good opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.