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September 16, 2006 - the Sixth International exhibition and scientific conference on seaplanes (hydroplanes) GIDROAVIASALON-2006 was held September 6-10, 2006 in a resort area on the shore of the Black Sea in the Gelendzhik city at the test-base of BERIEV Aircraft Company and at the Gelendzhik airport.

GIDROAVIASALON is a place where designers, engineers, businessmen and lovers of aviation have the opportunity to get acquainted with the last achievements in the aviation industry i.e. different types of flying vehicles such as: amphibians, seaplanes, helicopters, ship and water-based airplanes placed on outdoor exhibition areas, spaced exhibition halls and chalets. Among the main discussion topics were design of special systems and equipments for hydroaviation (seaplanes) and their application for transportation, search-and-rescue, fire-fighting, environment protection and other operations. The conference enabled participants, experts and officials of leading concerns of aerospace industry to have the opportunity of interchanging their views and working-out a long-term program of partnership.

Exhibition scope:

Several guests of honor took part in the opening ceremony, including Alexander Rybas, Deputy Director General of the Federal Agency for Industry; Vladimir Paleshyuk, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military Technology Cooperation; Vladimir Mikhailov, Commander-in-Chief of Russian Air Force; Victor Kobzev Sen., Director General of Beriev Aircraft Corp.; Rafail Zakirov, Chief of the Emergency Situations Aviation of Russia; Vladimir Chub, Governor of Rostov Oblast; Yuri Antipov, Commander of the Russian Navy Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Defense.

One hundred and thirty-five participants registered at the Expo. Beside domestic companies and organizations, companies from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Israel, India, Netherlands, Portugal, United States, France, Ukraine, Switzerland and Czech Republic participated in the Gidroaviasalon 2006 Expo.

During the Expo, the amphibious aircraft BE-200ES set 8 world records in the C-3 class (amphibious aircraft) and C-2 class (seaplanes). Vladimir Mikhailov, Commander-in-Chief of Russian Air Force was member of the plane's crew on one of these flights.

Participants and visitors of the Gidroaviasalon saw the new generation amphibians such as Be-200, Be-103, A-42, helicopters MI-8 and KA-27; the best pilots of Russia "Strizhi" ("Swifts") on the fighters MIG-29, and "Russian Knights" on fighters SU-27; and the high-speed air-cushion vehicle (hovercraft) "AquaGlide", also called "small ekranoplan". Beriev Aircraft Corp. also exhibited its newest concept amphibians BE-112 and BE-101.

September 7-9, 2006 was held the 6th International conference on hydroaviation. It became a traditional and significant part of all the Gidroaviasalons. At GIDROAVIASALON '2006 the conference covered the scientific and practical issues of hydro- and aerodynamics, corrosion protection, development of special equipment and systems for seaplanes and amphibians, as well as application of hydroplanes for the following missions: transport operation, firefighting, searching, rescue, ecological and some others. Participation in the conference allowed free exchange of views and policy definition of long-term cooperation between main companies of aerospace industry. Among participants were companies from the U.S., Israel, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.

During Gidroaviasalon-2006, Beriev Aircraft Corp. held meetings and negotiations with potential domestic and international customers, including a delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Portugal and a delegation of the Indian Navy regarding the acquisition of BE-200 planes.

The leading sponsor of the event was the Federal State Enterprise "Rosoboronexport".

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