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Cooperation between colleges in Taganrog and Lüdenscheid, Germany

September 3-14, 2012: Within the framework of its international cooperation program, the Taganrog State Professional School no.30 has been developing partnership with a polytechnic college in the sister city of Lüdenscheid, Germany.

September 3-14, 2012 a German delegation visited again the School no.30 to learn the educational process and for organizing work practice at Taganrog businesses for School's social partners.

Taganrog School no.30
The guests from Lüdenscheid made a tour of Taganrog museums, went sightseeing the historical downtown Taganrog, visited the Cossack town Starocherkassk, and participated in a friendly conference.

The Taganrog State Professional School no.30 has been developing international cooperation program for a long time, and its students participate actively in realization of youth policies and programs aimed at social problems.