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Enzo Rosamilia, photographer, citizen of Italy awarded with a mayor's letter of commendation

August 20, 2015: Enzo Rosamilia, photographer, citizen of Italy awarded with a mayor's letter of commendation for his personal contribution into development of international relations between Russia and Italy and promotion of Anton Chekhov's cultural heritage abroad. The guest from the town Castel San Giorgio is visiting Taganrog for the 5th time.

Enzo Rosamilia and Vladimir Prasolov after the meeting at the Mayor's Office

Enzo Rosamilia invented a unique technique, which is a combination of photography and painting. Each artwork was made on a famous Amalfi handmade paper (Province of Salerno, Italy), considered to be one of the most valued and is also used in Vatican city, and which was consequently hand painted with special emulsions. The artist uses a special technique creating a collage and a laconic artistic image. Rosamilia's masterpieces speak about time and eternity, permanence of cultural codes and the truth of simple things.

The works by the artist are showcased in various museums and private collections in Italy, France, Spain, USA, Brazil, South Korea, Belgium and Russia. Two personal exhibitions by the artist were held in Taganrog, Russia - in 2013 and 2015. This year's event - "Chekhov Through the Mirrors" took place at Taganrog Museum of Art and was dedicated to Anton Chekhov's 155th birthday anniversary.

Enzo Rosamilia with his entourage at the Mayor's Office

During the meeting at the Mayor's Office, Vladimir Prasolov and Enzo Rosamilia exchanged views and remarks on common cultural heritage and the many historical connections between Taganrog and Italy. The artist was pleasantly surprised to a warm response evoked by his show at the Taganrog Museum of Art: "I have participated in various exhibitions around the world, but the event in Taganrog became an unforgettable experience. I couldn't expect so many people from the home city of Anton Chekhov to show interest for my art. Taganrog has a rich artistic and cultural heritage, which means its people feel comfortable living in here. It's not my first visit and I can frankly say that I had time to fall in love with this city".