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Web conference dedicated to Samuel Maykapar

June 6, 2023: a web conference between "Forum Russische Kultur Gütersloh" (the city of Gütersloh, Germany) and Taganrog Tchaikovsky Children's Music School took place in the remote mode. The event was dedicated to composer Samuel Maykapar, who spent his childhood in Taganrog, in a house at the intersection of Pereulok Italiansky and Ulitsa Petrovskaya.

Samuel Maykapar is primarily known as a composer of classical music intended for children, such as a suite of 26 pieces "Biriulki". He was greatly influenced by Ludwig van Beethoven and Gaetano Molla - the musical director at the Italian Opera in Taganrog. Later on, Maykapar gave music lessons at St. Petersburg Conservatory.

The web conference gathered participants from Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don, Paderborn and Rietberg (Germany). A special mention goes to a report on Samuel Maykapar's character, career and life in Taganrog, made by Chief Specialist of Foreign Relations Office of Taganrog Local Government Dmitry Koulitchev. Moreover, musician and composer Ludger Funke from the city of Rietberg described the importance of Ludwig van Beethoven in Maykapar's professional growth.

Some participants, such as Alyona Pletnyova, Irina Litvinenko (both from Taganrog), and Ludger Funke, performed Samuel Maykapar's music.

On the same day there was another video bridge between the Russian-French association "Russian Language Alliance in Béziers" (France) and Taganrog Chekhov Teachers College.

The video bridge dedicated to Samuel Maykapar was met with interest by all the participants. The next Russian-German conference on this topic is scheduled for June 26, 2023.