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Students of Lüdenscheid Bergstadt Gymnasium visiting Taganrog

May 29-June 5, 2011: German students from the Lüdenscheid Bergstadt Gymnasium visited the Taganrog Management and Economics College. The cooperation between the college in Taganrog and Lüdenscheid's gymnasium started in 1996 within the framework of various Robert Bosch grant foundation's programs. In 2011, 10 students and 2 teachers and Director of the Lüdenscheid's Bergstadt Gymnasium, Mrs. Meyer visited the city of Taganrog, its museums, and many tourist attractions around Taganrog.

Russian and German students at the reception by the Mayor of Taganrog
June 2, 2011 the Bergstadt Gymnasium's delegation with former forced laborers (Zwangsarbeiters) from Taganrog. The meeting was very informal in the form of free and easy conversation. The German delegation gave memorable souvenirs about Lüdenscheid to the survivors of force labor camps who previously visited the German city in 1993. After the meeting at the Taganrog Management and Economics College, its participants proceded to the monument dedicated to victims of concentration camps and forced labor camps to lay down flowers and hold a minute of silence.

Russian and German students at the reception by the Mayor of Taganrog
June 4, 2011 the German delegation was received by Mayor Nikolay Fedyanin, Vice-Mayor Lipovenko and representatives of the Taganrog Local Government. In his greeting to German boys and girls, Mayor Fedyanin underlined that the student exchanges between Bergstadt Gymnasium and Taganrog Management and Economics College became a good tradition. Mayor of Taganrog fully supported the cooperation, saying that "cooperation between the two countries will strengthen only if the young people of the two countries get to know each other better. With that in mind our task is to provide them with opportunities to meet more often.

Mayor Fedyanin and Mrs. Meyer exchange souvenirs
The head of the German delegation, Mrs. Meyer shared her impressions of the first ever visit to Russia and impressions of the home city of Anton Chekhov, and agreed with Mayor Fedyanin, quoting what she said before the trip to Taganrog: "I told my students that they are not only the ambassadors of our school, but of representatives of the Germany, as well as young people coming from Taganrog represents Russia. Our task is to make friends and to carry this friendship into the future" told Annette Meyer. The meeting was very informal in the form of free and easy conversation and was concluded by a group photograph.