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The Certification of Beriev BE-103
Amphibians in Canada

May 26, 2005: a conference on preliminary certification procedures for Beriev BE-103 light amphibians in Canada was held at the headquarters of Transport Canada (Aviation Administration of Canada) in Ottawa on May 19, 2005. Russia was represented by Interstate Aviation Commitee, Taganrog Beriev Aircraft Company and JSC KNAAPO (the largest manufacturer of the "Sukhoi"- family aircraft).

Representatives of Beriev Aircraft Company and a JSC Knaapo dealer in North and South America and a Canadian firm interested in promoting the BE-103 plane on the Canadian market were also present.

Light amphibian BE-103 developed by Beriev Aircraft Company
The certification procedures and certification norms in Canada, and a draft application form were presented at the meeting. Transport Canada officials announced that they are ready to accept the certification application upon a protocol of intention to buy a Beriev BE-103 plane, signed by Knaapo and a Canadian customer.

The marketing research of the Canadian market continues. The marketing departments of Beriev Aircraft Company, KNAAPO and their American colleagues are joining their marketing efforts to promote the BE-103 amphibian in Canada. According to preliminary estimates, the marketing niche for the amphibious aircraft BE-103 in Canada could be some 300 planes in the next ten years.