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Delegation from the city of Lüdenscheid, Germany visiting Taganrog

May 31 - June 5, 2011: official municipal delegation from the city of Lüdenscheid headed by Bürgermeister Dieter Dzewas visited Taganrog within the framework of the 20th anniversary of sistercity relations between the two cities. The sistercity agreement was signed in 1991 and in these 20 years the cities tried to develop cooperation in various areas including exchanges in sports, youth groups, college-to-college exchanges, citizens groups and trade delegations.

Mayor Fedyanin and Mayor Dzewas at the meeting at Taganrog City Hall
June 1, 2011 German delegation was received by Mayor Nikolay Fedyanin at the Taganrog City Hall. The two mayors exchanged greeting speeches reminiscing about the highlights from the history of cooperation. In his word, Bürgermeister Dieter Dzewas expressed the hope that the 20th anniversary is not the last to be celebrated, and that both side look forward to 30th, 40th friendship anniversaries and so on.

Mayor Fedyanin underlined that so this will be for since 1991 both cities became more available and ready for cooperation. "With no obstacles in our path and it is really easier to develop cooperation for us. When people have common interests and good together, then none of them would think of any kind of cold war" told Mayor Fedyanin. At the end of the meeting in City Hall, Mayor Fedyanin gave the German delegation souvenirs.

Members of the official Luedenscheid delegation at the meeting at Taganrog City Hall
June 2, 2011 the official delegation of Lüdenscheid, the delegation of Lüdenscheid's Bergstadt Gymnasium and 10 students and representatives of Friedensgruppe Lüdenscheid were guests at the Taganrog Management and Economics College where they met with former forced laborers (Zwangsarbeiters) from Taganrog. The meeting was very informal in the form of free and easy conversation. The German delegation gave memorable souvenirs about Lüdenscheid to the survivors of force labor camps who previously visited the German city in 1993. After the meeting at the Taganrog Management and Economics College, its participants proceded to the monument dedicated to victims of concentration camps and forced labor camps to lay down flowers and hold a minute of silence.

Mayor Dzewas and former forced laborers from Taganrog lay down flowers to the monument to prisoners of Nazi camps
During the tour of the city, the visitors from Lüdenscheid visited the Chekhov Birth House, Chekhov Shop (Lavka), Chekhov Drama Theater, Alferaki Palace, Taganrog Museum of Art, Tchaikovsky House, Chekhov Library and Chekhov Gymnasium. The program also included the meetings with Taganrog citizens and visiting the museums of Azov and the archaeologic site Tanais near Rostov on Don.

Mayor Dzewas and Luedenscheid delegation in front of the Chekhov Monument