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Installation of Airborne Observation System (AOS) onboard Be-200ES amphibians

May 5, 2005 - a large group of flight, engineering and maintenance personnel of Beriev Aircraft Company Flight Test Facility, Federal Ministry for Emergency Situations and Irkutsk Aviation Plant attended the training courses at Beriev Facilities April 12-18, 2005. The courses focused on the operation of Airborne Observation System (AOS) designed by Israeli Company TAMAM/IAI Division and installed in Be-200ES multipurpose amphibious aircraft. The training courses were organized by TAMAM/IAI specialists.

The Airborne Observation System (AOS) has built-in TV and infrared (IR) channels, and can be used in various lighting conditions all day and night.

The Airborne Observation System can be applied for search and rescue operations, looking for firesides, environmental monitoring, patrolling operations.

Installation of Airborne Observation System in serial Be-200ES aircraft is one of the stages of the aircraft planned development in compliance with the customer requirements. It allows to expand the scope of tasks solved by the multipurpose amphibious aircraft in the interests of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Installation of Airborne Observation System (AOS) in Be-200ES Aircraft