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Preparations for BE-200ES experimental
operation in Italy are underway

June 3, 2005 - Beriev Aircraft Company leads preparations for experimental operation of the multipurpose amphibian BE-200ES in Italy later this year.

The Russian amphibian was already put into action on Sardegna (Sardinia Island, Italy) in August-September 2004 within the framework of an agreement between Beriev Aircraft Company and SOREM SRL, the official firefighting operator of the of the Italian Civil Protection Agency (Protezione Civile). The amphibious aircraft BE-200ES proved its high woodland firefighting efficiency and the operations were highly commendable.

As in 2004, the plane will be piloted by joint Russian-Italian crews. A group of Italian pilots has already completed the necessary theoretical preparations and practice at the training unit of Beriev Aircraft Company.

Beriev Be-200ES Aircraft dropping water