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Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule students visit Taganrog

January 26, 2011: German students from the Lüdenscheid Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule are visiting the Taganrog Teachers' College (TGPI). The cooperation between the college in Taganrog and Lüdenscheid's gymnasium started in 2001 when the first TGPI student went for one-year course. The department signed an agreement with Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule to develop educational exchanges between students of the two cities. Since 2005 the cooperation between the schools was transformed into student exchanges from both ends.

Russian and German students at the farewell meeting at TGPI Teachers' College
In 2011, the year of the 10th anniversary of cooperation between Taganrog college and the high school in Lüdenscheid, 6 students from the Adolf-Reichwein Gesamtschule in Lüdenscheid) are visiting the city of Taganrog, its museums, many tourist attractions around Rostov Oblast. The young Germans came to Taganrog not only for a visit: they have a practical work here - at the Taganrog Drama Theater, at the municipal high school Nr.6, and at Directorate of Internal Affairs.

January 24, a farewell meeting was held at the German department, and January 29 the German guests will return to Lüdenscheid.