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Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule students visit Taganrog

January 21, 2009: The German department of the Taganrog State Teachers' Training College was founded in 1994. Each year, the department in collaboration with DAAD has sent its best students to diverse universities in Germany.

The friendship relations to the sister city Lüdenscheid are very important. Many teachers at the German department have found friends in Lüdenscheid. The department signed an agreement with Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule to develop educational exchanges between students of the two cities. In January, 2007 the German department for the first time received high school students from Ludenscheid: Sebastian, Nadja and Fabian.

The exchanges continued in 2008 and in January 2009 two 11th-year students Sandra Golla and Jennifer-Christina Pach are visiting Taganrog.

January 23, a farewell meeting will be held at the German department, and January 25 the German guests will return to Lüdenscheid.