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The City of Taganrog Responds to Adverse Weather Conditions

January 10, 2024: in recent days, Taganrog has been affected by adverse weather conditions. A combination of snowfall, rainfall and temperature going below zero degrees centigrade resulted in the hindrance to the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles.

Taganrog Local Government speedily responded to the situation, deploying snowploughs and backhoes. The works are being conducted on all the main streets and sites. The same goes for the vast majority of other urban areas. The particular emphasis is being put on road interchanges, tram tracks, approaches to the city's establishments, institutions, and public transport stops.

The utilities have been continuing snow removal and salting to this moment. It is expected that the cleaning process will be ongoing 24 hours a day.

All buses, streetcars, and trolleybuses rolled out to their routes.