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POLIMERPROM, Ltd was established in 2003. The general activity of the company is the design and manufacture of products from polymeric material. POLIMERPROM products are manufactured using modern high-tech equipment and are distinguished by their high quality characteristics meeting worldwide standards.

Since 2004 POLIMERPROM has been engaged in designing and production of the threaded protectors for casing tubes, oil-well tubing and drill pipes, safety elements for line pipes and large pipes. The developed design of the protectors and safety elements have no analogues and are protected by the Patents of the Russian Federation. The availability of the pilot engineering department and application of a set of forms for press moulds makes it possible to meet the customers' demand for innovations.

The experienced design bureau combined with the use of form-dies for moulds allows us to satisfy customer requests for new types of protectors in the shortest possible time. The use of microprocessor based technology provides for the high accuracy of thread profiles which completely protects threaded connections from mechanical impact, neutralizes vibrations, and prevents the protector turning during transportation. Protectors also provide protection for the full length of the threaded connection.

The produced protectors and protection elements are designed for tubes of quality grade PLS-1, PLS-2 and PLS-3 and are in full compliance with standards API Spec. 5CT, API Spec. 5D and API 5L, they have Certificate of Conformance to Russian GOST standard and form a part of standard "STO" of OAO "Gasprom".

The Company has implemented and is applying the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, and Registration Certificates "QMI" No. CERT-0025562 and "IQNet" No.CERT-025562-1063940 were received in January, 2008.

POLIMERPROM is provided with automatic thermoplastic equipment that can make parts of any category of complexity in weight up to 2.5Kg. Painting of products is produced on modern painting equipment using tribostatic and electrostatic spraying, providing an ecologically safe way of painting.

Use of machine tools with digital control program management allows consistent manufacturing of product for storage and provides for a highly accurate thread profile. Finished product is 100% inspected in accordance with requirements of the technical specifications. Finished and accepted product is packed on pallets and is suitable for transportation by any type of transport.

OOO "Polimerprom" effects deliveries of the threaded protectors to TAGMET factory, OAO "VTZ", OAO "CTZ" being a part of OAO "TMK", to OAO "VMZ" being a part of OAO "OMK" of "Veus Holding, Inc." (Russian subsidiary company "Vezerford") and to a number of other companies.

In January 2008 POLIMERPROM, Ltd successfully passed the certification audit of their qualities management system (QMS) according to the requirements of international standard ISO. The Audit was performed by the Quality Management Institute (QMI), Canada. Ltd has demonstrated that its QMS is in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.

For the sake of convenience of the customers from North America, the OOO "Polimerprom" established its own representation in Canada: R.I.C.H. Corporation based in Toronto.

threaded protectors

threaded protectors

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