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Taganrog Town-Planning Museum reopens with all-new exhibits

June 26, 2019: after a two-year absence, the Taganrog Town-Planning Museum is back after major refurbishment and updating.

A Time-Lapse Portrait of the City_1
The museum was established in 1981 to focus on the development of Taganrog's town-planning, historical buildings and its residents' modes of life from 17th century up to present times. The new vision for the city-owned museum is a thoughtful combination of unique authentic exhibits and modern interactive features. Its creation resulted from the expansion of our knowledge about three centuries of city - many unexplored facts of its history are now brought to light.

A Time-Lapse Portrait of the City_2
Several scholars and museum staff specialists have contributed their research, attributed numerous architectural monuments and saved the names of Taganrog architects from forgetfulness. The new exhibit is entitled "A Time-Lapse Portrait of the City" and focuses on Taganrog's changing architectural landscape, with a blend of then-and-now photography, objects, and other sources to illuminate the story of Taganrog.

A Time-Lapse Portrait of the City_4
Yesterday, June 25, a ceremony was held to mark the reopening of the museum, with the first part of the exhibit (7 halls) unveiled to the public. The total area of the exhibit is 500 sq. meters and the remaining 4 halls will open for the Taganrog's City Festival in September 2019. The first part covers the history of town-planning from late 17th century until 1917.

A Time-Lapse Portrait of the City_3
Visitors and residents of the city are welcome to see the new exhibit "A Time-Lapse Portrait of the Taganrog" Tuesday to Sunday, from 10AM to 6PM in the Taganrog Town-Planning Museum at Ulitsa Frunze 80.