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Rostec Begins New PD-8 Engine Testing for Be-200 Planes

December 27, 2022: the United Engine Corporation, which is a part of Rostec, declared that the new PD-8 engine will be tested aboard the Il-76LL flying laboratory.

If the trials are successful, the PD-8 is expected to substitute the French SaM146 engine in the Russian aircraft industry. It will be installed on the Sukhoi Superjet NEW and the Be-200 multipurpose amphibian. The latter is a product of Beriev Aircraft Corp.

pd-8_engine The Be-200 is a large aircraft that has the ability, among others, to take off and land in water, scoop up 12 tons of water and then drop that water on a wildfire in 18 seconds. One fuelling is enough for dropping up to 270 tons of water. Beriev's Be-200 also can drop fire retardant chemicals, and deliver cargo, firefighters and other emergency equipment where they are needed. The airplane has a pressurized cabin and can be fitted with seats to carry passengers.

Earlier in 2019, in 2020 and in 2021 BE-200ES planes participated in the first fire-fighting mission in Turkey. In 2005 a BE-200ES participated in extinguishing two fires in the Southern part of Sardinia Island, Italy.

Algeria received one Be-200ES in summer 2022 and earlier signed a deal for four aircraft. In October 2022, the Be-200ES was mentioned by survey respondents of the national project "Top 20 Russia's Major Events in 20 Years".