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"Music of Our Hearts" Festival Held in Taganrog

June 7, 2022: the festival entitled "Music of Our Hearts" culminated with a gala concert in the open-air theatre of Taganrog's Gorky Park on June 5. It was organized by the national cultural society "Byelorussians of Taganrog" and its leader Elina Starikova.

The event was also supported by Azerbaijani NGO "Dostloog-Druzhba", Armenian national cultural society "Nairi", Public Relations Depatment of Taganrog Local Government, Presidential Cultural Initiatives Fund. The festival was dedicated to Vladimir Muliavin of Byelorussian descent and Muslim Magomaev of Azerbaijani descent - two popular singers of the Soviet era.

Apart from their songs, other pieces written and composed by artists of Russian Federation were performed by bands and singers from Belarus, Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, municipalities of Rostov Oblast and Taganrog.

Chair of the Music Section of the Writers' Union of Belarus Konstantin Tsybulsky headed the jury. At the conclusion of the event, Angelina Pashkevich (Belarus) and Mary Martirosyan (Chaltyr, Rostov Oblast) were declared winners.

Public Relations Officer of Taganrog Local Government Alexander Balaev delivered a powerful speech, which highlighted the fact that "Taganrog has always been and will forever be a multinational city". The event was also attended by Taganrog Foreign Relations Officer Alexander Mirgorodsky.