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Moscow Metro's Troika card expands to the City of Taganrog

April 28, 2022: as a result of the meeting held at Taganrog Local Government, the city is to join the Unified Ticket System (UTS) based on Moscow's Troika ticketing system. Earlier a corresponding agreement was concluded between the regional government bodies of Rostov and Moscow.


Troika card is a contactless reusable card, which was designed to pay for public transport in Moscow. Since late 2020 it started to expand across the country. The reusable card obviates the need for paper tickets.

Another advantage is that Taganrog residents would be able to use it not only within the city or Rostov Oblast, but also in every region participating in the UTS. The Troika card will be accepted not only by "Sinara - Urban Transport Solutions Taganrog" streetcars, but by all public means of transportation.