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Dear Web Site Visitor:

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the Taganrog City website.

We are extremely pleased to offer this resource for all who are interested in learning more about our City government and the services it provides as well the interests we share as a community.

I would like to extend to you a very warm and friendly welcome to the City of Taganrog, the “Birthplace of Anton Chekhov”.

Taganrog's unique character is rooted in its 314 year history – a history full of bright people and fascinating tales. It was established in 1698 by Peter The Great as the first Russian Navy Base, and today offers visitors its rich cultural heritage, many tourist attractions, a temperate Southern climate and an excellent infrastructure.

Discovering Taganrog is as simple as clicking your mouse. I hope you enjoy your cyber visit and encourage you to visit Taganrog in person in the near future.

As Mayor, I am proud to represent all of our citizens and remain dedicated to improving our neighborhoods and our city.

Very Truly Yours,
Vladimir A. Prasolov
Mayor, City of Taganrog

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Taganrog Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms, originally adopted
on Apr. 10, 1808; reintroduced on

Taganrog City Flag

Flag, adopted in 1991