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Maslenitsa Festivities in Taganrog

February 28, 2023: a series of Maslenitsa events ("Pancake Week") were held in Taganrog last week. This Russian folk festival has its roots in pagan traditions, when people marked the end of winter and the beginning of spring with massive bonfires. The festival eventually became part of Russian Orthodox Christian tradition and is now celebrated during the week before Lent.

Today, it is a time of folk celebration and plenty of feasting on blinis - traditional Russian pancakes that symbolize the newly returned sun. This year's Maslenitsa festival took place from February 20 to February 26.

The festivities in Taganrog culminated on February 25-26 with particularly large number of events. Several of them were held within Gorky Park. For example, a concert of local bands entitled "Welcoming Maslenitsa, Singing and Having Fun" took place in the open-air dance pavilion. The Chess Pavilion of Gorky Park hosted the folk doll exhibition "Butter Lady" and a series of workshops on its crafting.

The visitors of Taganrog museums enjoyed festivities as well. The South-Russian Scientific-Cultural Centre organized the workshop "Walk, Merry Butter Lady!" The interactive program "In the Week of Maslenitsa" was also available at "Chekhovs' Shop" Memorial Museum.